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Chase is a village in Canada's interior province of British Columbia. There are 3,399 people living there, and forestry and tourism are its two primary economic sectors. It is situated at the Little Shuswap Lake mouth, which is where the South Thompson River gets its water. Chase Creek reaches the South Thompson right below the lake's outlet after flowing over three small waterfalls and through the town.


Chase's population increased by 4.9% from 2,286 in 2016 to 2,399 in the 1,175 private residences it had in total, according to Statistics Canada's 2021 Census the Population. Its population density in 2021 was 639.7/km2 (1,656.9/sq mi), with a land area of 3.75 km2 (1.45 sq mi).

Population and Education in Chase, BC
Population and Education in Chase, BC

Official website: https://chasebc.ca/

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