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Review for Grillers Meats on Directory
01 Mar 2023

We ordered a side of beef from Jeff at Christmas time. It was claimed to be his best Black Angus beef he raises at home. It is VERY POOR quality meat!!! The meat tastes like wild meat, I shit you not!! The steaks were supposed to be cut 1" thick, some are 2" thick, they are like cooking a roast. It doesn't matter which way you cook the meat, BBQ or roast it is dry dry dry and tastes really wild to boot!! It is absolutely horrible. I just phoned Jeff to tell him we are not happy. We paid $2000.00 cash for this meat and we can't eat it. He got really angry and starting using the fuck word a lot with me. Then he hung up on me!! VERY VERY poor customer service. I would NOT recommend ordering any meat from Jeff.

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